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  Sherry Gordy Presents
           Take the Stage Live from Las Vegas 
The Sax Man of Buffalo, NY... Danny from the Blues

I’ve traveled many cities, east to west north to south, entertaining people with my Saxophone. I’ve made CD’s and DVD’s that you will be able to purchase on my site.


My favorite place to live is Las Vegas.  It’s a lot more to my story, but you will have to wait for my book.


My thanks to my wife, Lula Morgan Jelks (Councilor), whose love for the saxophone, inspired me to switch from the trumpet to the sax.

 My daughter Sheila Jelks Bass the (FDA Nutritionist ...Western New York) organizing skills and assistance. 

My daughter Beverley Jelks Nunn Author ... founder of (BeBB/O. Look E.) E-Advertising/E-Marketing/Design life, Online Service tutoring & remote help for all ages. OHO (Others Help Others) various free services and classes.

Last but now lease my multi-talented Sons musical skills I am proud of ... , Danny Jr., "DJ Flash", drummer, author) and "Rich Lamar", music and lyrics writer, keyboardist, singer, author. ...



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