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When the public talks, the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University listens when it comes to Native American art and culture. Acting as an envoy of sorts, and hot on the heels of its popular "Across the Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life" exhibition, the museum will again showcase artists from the local Native American community. This time it's music.

Red Rhythm, above, and the Fierce Guys, both featuring Senecas from the nearby Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, will join forces at 2 p.m. Sunday for "Iroquois R&B" in the Castellani Art Museum, Niagara University. According to James "Jay Jay" White, lead singer and guitarist for the Fierce Guys, the local Native American R&B scene first emerged among urban Indians who frequented Buffalo blues clubs and developed a deep appreciation for the traditionally African-American sound. Appropriately enough, the 6-year-old band is also composed of bassist Tim Twoguns and local African Native-American musicians Daniel Jelks on drums and Kent "Boom Boom" Leech on keyboards.  Fittingly, the band once opened for B.B. King at Foxwoods Casino on the Pequoit Indian Reservation in Connecticut.

The six-man Red Rhythm boasts all Seneca musicians and has been together for the past 15 years. The group is known mainly for its original tunes, but also plays the likes of Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Thunderbirds. Sunday's concert will be hosted by Gary Lee and Patti Meyer Lee, who recently published "Don't Bother Knockin' . . .


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Published on Jun 27, 2013

JUST MORE BASS... BOOST YOUR BASS JERRY IS KILLING. Yes, glvt Danny Jelks, Jerry Samson, Chalma Warmley, Eric Oliver, James Ford, Gregory Treadwell...... Carol McLaughlin. Enjoy what a trip event.. Settings,,


Published on Mar 9, 2012

Performance by "GLVT LOVE XTREME JAZZ ENSEMBLE" for a Black History program inn the city of Buffalo, New York. Jerry Livingston - Bass, Danny DJ Jelks - Drums, Gregory Treadwell - Keyboards. Featuring also Christyu Smothers and Chalma Warmley. February 2012. GLVT. glvt, Peace


Published on Aug 21, 2012

YEAH GROOVE GLVT gregory treadwell the crew by name Jerry Livingston, Chalma Warmley, Danny Jelks DJ, Marvin Harris, Marshal Push Badger, Joey Diggs, Eric Oliver, Derrick Parker, Gregory Treadwell.

Published on Aug 15, 2012

GLVT LOVE XTREME JAZZ ENSEMBLE 2 The Pine Grill Reunion. Opening song sound check. Jerry Livingston, Chalma Warmley, Joey Diggs, Derrick Parker, Marshal Badger, MARVIN Harris, Carol MCLaughlin, Danny Jelks  and Gregory Treadwell... the band ....Buffalo NY enjoy..



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